Broadcasting Software to Know about

Software for radio broadcasting ranges from simple solutions to professional programs.

It’s a tricky question to ask when you’re new to this type of thing, “What is the best radio broadcasting software?”. Online, there is no shortage of choices, which isn’t necessarily bad since you can choose one that suits your needs.

Whether you are a first-time internet radio broadcaster searching for something simple or an experienced professional looking for a better alternative, the following covers all bases, from simple “click and broadcast” to complex “The number of buttons is the mind-boggling

” solutions.

Regardless of the situation, it’s advisable to review all your options before selecting one.

all about winamp and how to set it up

For the mac the hijack

loopy with the loopback

Anytime, anywhere live streaming

Our Live Anytime feature is now available to station owners. As long as no one is already live, station owners don’t need to schedule an event to broadcast live; they just need to hit connect.

The management of multiple DJs

The problem with allowing multiple DJs access to your station is that they can broadcast through your station, but on the other hand, allowing them complete freedom can strain any structured show you have in place.


BUTT stands for Broadcast Using This Tool, which pretty much sums up its simplicity.

BUTT Broadcaster

Free and easy to use, BUTT offers a simple way to broadcast live with just a few clicks. It may not look like much, but it offers anyone on PC, Mac, or Linux the option to download and start using it without spending a penny.

BUTT broadcasts any input source on your computer, which is great for external microphones, mixers, or even pre-built mics, however, it only handles live feeds like talking into a microphone or your computer’s sound-card, meaning it can’t hijack the audio stream of a media player and broadcast it like Winamp or Nicecast.